Endorsed Course: VIII. Interventional Cadaver Course - fluoroscopy and ultrasound guided joint and spine interventions

Thursday, March 26 2020

Course Programme here >Program09:45 Welcome coffee10:00 Introduction G. Tamborrini10:05 Ultrasound guided joint injections – Update 2020 tbd10:20 Hyaluronic acid treatment – Update 2020 A.M. Müller10:30 Practical workshops, changing of the groups every 35 minutes11:10 Practical workshop 211:45 lunch12:30 Practical workshop 3 13:10 Practical workshop 4 13:50 Practical workshop 5 14:30 Practical workshop 6 15:10 Practical workshop 7 15:45 Final remarks16:00 End of courseCME Points: SGUM/SSUM credits; SSIPM credits; SGR/SSR credits; SGPMR/SSMPR open; Swiss Orthopedics open; SGSM/SSMS open EFSUMB endorsement