EUROSON SCHOOL: School of Multiparametric Liver Ultrasound Imaging

From Friday, February 7 2020 until Saturday, February 8 2020

PROGRAMMESCHOOL OF MULTIPARAMETRIC LIVER ULTRASOUND IMAGING7-8th of February, 2020 in VILNIUS, Lithuania.  Friday, 7th of February10:00-11:00 Registration11:00 –13:10 Contrast enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) of liver 11:00 - 11:20 Ultrasound contrast agents: definition, classification, safety, future perspectives. A. Samuilis, Lithuania11:20 - 11:40. Technical background of CEUS. W. Ibrahim, Germany11:40 - 12:10. CEUS of the liver. Guidelines and beyond of guidelines. M. Radzina, Latvia12:10 – 12:30. The conundrum of the hypervascular lesion. A. Lim, United Kingdom12:30 - 12:50. Pediatric applications of CEUS in the liver. A. Cekuolis, Lithuania12:50 - 13:10. Is Microflow Imaging useful in the liver. A. Lim, United Kingdom13:10-13:30. Coffee break13:30 - 15:00. Workshop: liver pathology cases, live demonstration, discussionA. Samuilis, Lithuania; R. Luksaite, Lithuania; M. Radzina, Latvia; V. Cantisani, Italy; W. Ibrahim, Germany15:00 - 16:00. Lunch break I Canon Medical Systems exhibition16:00 - 17:20. Ultrasound in diffuse liver diseases16:00 - 16:30. Diffuse liver diseases. Hepatologist point of view. G. L. Rapaccini, Italy16:30 - 17:00. Liver ultrasound elastography. Guidelines. V. Cantisani, Italy17:00 - 17:20. Ultrasound in fatty liver disease. Liver analysis package. M. Radzina, Latvia17:20 - 17:35. Coffee break17:35 - 19:00. Workshop: ultrasound of diffuse liver diseases, live demonstration, discussionD. Jocius, Lithuania; M. Radzina, Latvia; V. Cantisani, Italy, W. Ibrahim, Germany Saturday, 8th of February10:00 – 12:05 Liver transplantation. The role of ultrasound10:00 - 10:40. Liver transplantation: indications, contraindications, patients’ selection, complications, postoperative follow-up. G. L. Rapaccini, Italy10:40 - 11:00. Challenges in pediatric liver transplantation. V. Urbonas, Lithuania11:00 - 11:20. Surgical techniques in liver transplantation. K. Strupas, Lithuania11:20 - 11:50. Ultrasound of liver transplants: normal and abnormal findings. R. Luksaite, Lithuania11:50 - 12:05. Ultrasound of pediatric liver transplants. A. Cekuolis, Lithuania12:05 - 13:00. Lunch break I Canon Medical Systems exhibition13:00 - 14:30. Workshop: liver transplants’ ultrasound, live demonstration, discussion Luksaite, Lithuania; D. Jocius, Lithuania; A. Samuilis, Lithuania; W. Ibrahim, Germany14:30 - 15:25. Ultrasound guided liver interventions. Basics14:30 - 14:45. Technical ultrasound solutions in interventions. W. Ibrahim, Germany14:45 - 15:05. Ultrasound guided liver diagnostic interventions. D. Jocius, Lithuania15:05 - 15:25. Ultrasound guided liver treatment interventions. A. Macionis, Lithuania15:25 - 15:40. Break15:40 - 16:40. Quiz. Closing remarks