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Written on 01/31/2017

Danish Society of Diagnostic Ultrasound

Joined EFSUMB in 1974

The Danish Society of Diagnostic Ultrasound – DSDU (In Danish: Dansk Ultralyddiagnostisk Selskab – DUDS) was founded in 1974. Everyone interested in diagnostic ultrasound may join the Society. The DSDU currently has 689 members (June 2005). The DSDU each year hosts approximately 15 courses in diagnostic ultrasound at different levels, according to the Minimum Training Requirements for the Practice of Medical Ultrasound recommendations of EFSUMB

The DSDU publishes a Newsletter in Danish 3-5 times each year. The Society joined collective subscription of Ultraschall in der Medizin/European Journal of Ultrasound in 2004, the journal becoming the official journal of the DSDU.

In 1991 the Society hosted the WFUMB Congress in Copenhagen. In April 2003 the DSDU, together with the Scandinavian Societies and EFSUMB, hosted the EUROSON-2003 in Copenhagen. In June 2006 the DSDU will again host 9th International Congress on Interventional Ultrasound.

On the Society’s homepage you will find information in English on the Board, the Danish Delegate to EFSUMB, Committees and Honorary Members. Also a list of Board members from 1974 to 2004.


Overlæge Peter Thielsen

Gastroenheden. Kirurgisk Ultralyd.

Herlev Hospital


Ole Graumann

Forskningslektor, PhD, Overlæge

Radiologisk afd., Odense Universitetshospital


Professor, overlæge,, Søren Rafaelsen


Dr. Andreas Hjelm Brandt

Radiologisk afdeling

Røntgenafdelingen Bispebjerg Hospital