Message from the WFUMB Student Education Task Force

WFUMB Medical Student Network Group

Eventually, all future physicians will be trained to use ultrasound but it will take a long time. Currently, medical students are being trained but the level of training is very different at different medical schools with a few having it fully integrated in all years of medical school with most having only electives or some integration. WFUMB is forming a worldwide Group for Medical Students where they can learn and share with other medical students and educators with a special interest in ultrasound. An invitation for the Medical Students to join the WFUMB Medical Student Network Group has been posted through Social Media and also on the WFUMB website (

For this project to be successful each of the 6 member Federations that comprise WFUMB need to spread the invitations extensively within their areas. Having a vibrant Community of Medical Students will be a very important addition to the WFUMB Family and hopefully will be a venue to spread the value of ultrasound throughout medical schools worldwide. EFSUMB's help will very important.

Please share the postcard invitation website below with your local Medical Students:

A very important community that needs to be part of the WFUMB Medical Student Network Group is a Community of US Educators.
We are inviting all US Educators to join:

Wishing you a very successful EUROSON2019!

Best regards,
Harvey Harvey L. Nisenbaum, MD, FACR, FAIUM, FSRU
Director, WFUMB Medical Student Task Force